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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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hank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> mike 19 has -- mike weather forecast. >> a few clouds in the southern section of the santa clara valley to gilroy. 48 for 56 cooler this morning. a few high clouds and mainly sunny conditions and dry air, 60 to 70s at noon and 62 to 7 is the spread at 4:00, enjoy a comfortable evening and chilly at the coast and 58 and mid-60s to 70 for the rest of us. >> leyla? >> in san jose 280 and the drive is moving along the extra company near highway 17 and the bay bridge toll plaza with metering light towns on and a new accident in east palo alto with more details ahead. >> breaking news covering all morning a police procession is now getting underway in san jose to honor an officer killed in the line of future last night.
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our reporter is on center road -- on senter road with more. >> the line of police cars are leading the fallen officer michael johnson away from the scene. the officers have been here since last night when he was shot and killed. you can see there are road closings in place with a few lanes open but officers are checking i.d. and allowing only people would -- would live in the area to come become this way. the people were evacuated last note. many spend the night in the gas station parking lot. they had nowhere else to go and we spoke with a few are them and they talk abut the chaos being told to leave and trying to wait it out to see when it was safe to go home. officers are committeeing i.d.
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and only letting residents come through. we they are allowing some other traffic to pass through but it is spotty at this point because the area is still a crime scene. the procession is coming down with the body of the fallen officer. thank you. the search for officer johnson's kill are came to an end overnight hours after he was ambushed. amy hollyfield picks up that part of the story. the his chief was somber describing to us what happened to officer johnson. they believe 57-year-old scott dunham shot and killed the officer. a woman, possibly a family member called police at 6:45 saying that dunham was intoxicated and despondent. the officers were shot at when they arrived without warning.
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the officer johnson was hit and killed. this happened at an apartment building and police souled the build and evacuated it. they thought he could be in there but they had a tip that he was possibly on the run. a manhunt wassen taking place elsewhere in the city. it was an intense night and the police chief wanted to shore his gratitude. >> i thank our community for understanding and being able to adapt to the evacuations and understanding the gravity of the situation and the outside agencies for the assistance and support not only in spirit in personnel to help us get through this incident and we will continue to get through the indent in the days coming.
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>> police tossed hand grenades into the apartment and sent in a robot camera at 3:30 this morning and discovered that dunham was dead. they found his body on his balcony and he was shot to death. it was possible he was dead the entire time. they are still investigating his degree. we officer johnson is married and the department's chap lane has reached tout his wife and his family and he was with the department for 14 years. >> right now we want to share with you a picture of officer mychael johnson just released on twitter by the san jose police department so we went to show it to you. this is the fallen officer. "rest in peace, fallen brother mychael johnson number 3718 batch number," tweeted by the san jose police. the procession is taking place to remove officer johnson from the scene with officers saluting
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as the vehicle goes by. >> officer johnson was if the same police asked my at the last san jose officer to die in the line of duty in october of 2001. jeffrey fontana was killed after being on the job only ten days. the gunman is now serving a live sentence and a wanted felon. >> bay area law enforcement agencies are posting their condolences on social need.and maybe feature a back with a black bar in memory of a fay were brother with condolences on our website. >> you can fine video of the police press conference where you can express condolences on our facebook page or twitter@abc7newsbayarea. ago.
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>> a woman was reportedly kidnap asked held for ransom, 29-year-old denise huskins disappeared from mare island and a team with so far equipment accepted the area neither the bridge last night they thought they spotted something in the water but it was nothing. denise huskins boyfriend said she was forcibly taken from his home early monday morning but he does not report her missing until later in the afternoon. quinn's 2000 camry was taken during the abduction and she is cooperating with investigators. >> a woman in martinez died when a gravel truck tipped over and land on her car. she was pregnant and incompanied -- and engaged to be married. she died on monday just sitting inside her car in her driveway. a man what worked with the truck driver said he had a spotless
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record for 25 years and there is no mechanical problem with the truck. >> lawmakers will hold their first hearing on a right to die bill allow the doctors to prescribe life-ending medication for terminally ill pairs. supporters release a video of britney maynard a native would moved to oregon to legally end her life. she argued she should have the right to die in california. >> san francisco general hospital is updating their let call after the missing parent was found dead weeks after disappearing. the hospital is conducting more oversite of security staff training. officials the relocate to more rome then locations in the hospital. the change is after the death of lynn spalding in 2013 found dead in a stairway of the hospital
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two weeks after disappearing from her room. >> an end to the search for a 23-year-old woman missing during a hike. the senator began -- the search began weapon she was separated from two friends would reports her missing. authorities say when the woman realize people were looking for her she hid from them because she was wanted for failing to appear on an arrest warrant and reportedly tried to sneak back to the car yesterday morning but there is what a sheriff deputy waiting if her and now she is in jail held on $2,500. >> customers of the bankrupt radio shack, listen up your information is being sold to the highest bidder. 13 million e-mail addresses and mailing addresses are for sale as part of the bankruptcy option. it is up to the court to approve the deal. two companies are fighting it, at&t said the information blocks to them and is not radio shack's to sell. they say they had a deal with
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radio shack to park debt phones and the texas state attorney general is suing saying radio shack explicitly promised the customs the data would not be sold to a third party. two powerhouse companies are creating what is going to be the third largest food and beverage company in north america. heinz is buying kraft food. it will include kraft and heinz and the bars unanimously approved the deal unanimously. >> tesla's next car the all electric model x has been spotted in palo alto. a video was posted on youtube, and tesla confirming the s.u.v. is indeed a beta version of the model x. you can look at the car here it is disgazed but they did not do too much the design is unfinished and the company name is on the truck with the model x
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expected to be unveil this year and the first deliveries begin at the same time so it pays to drive on 280. you never know what you will spot. >> i didn't spot the price tag and we will find out. >> you may not want to look. >> you will want to know what the weather is like. >> mike? >> inland east bay temperatures danville is cool at 45 and a 3,000 foot difference between the two areas of elevation. mid-to-upper 40s through the san ramon valley and concord and lafayette at 50 and upper 40s to livermore and mid-50s pittsburg and antioch and brentwood and low-to-mid 50s for the bay shore and mid-to-upper fete through the north bay. this afternoon, we reflect a remaining trend under sunshine and lie cloud around the bay at 68 to 76 and inland 73 to 80 and the coast the brings keep you around 61 to 64. as we have been telling you
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all morning the fallen officer in san jose has a procession taking place in san jose for the officer. there are street closing including senter road so avoid that area and to the north in fremont, a three car crash is blocking one lane. there are heavy delays. if you are coming in from union city to fremont you will be on the brakes. westbound highway 4 this is another accident with delays out of bay point moving into concord and it is going to be taking on minutes to the commute. san mateo bridge in the eastbound direction you will find a disabled tractor trailer coming off the bridge. >> "the batch already," is turning from tv to social media to make a couple's dream
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true. and health risks for people would never make up a cigarette. stay tuned.
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covering cupertino concord wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. if you are standing in the east bay hims this is the view of the port of oakland. all the lights. traffic is busy in the backup. we will find out more from leyla gulen. we have amazing video from northern brazil much passengers escaped after a bus was stuck in a sinkhole. moments later it was swallowed up and swept down the river. all the people escaped unharmed. just in time. >> smokers are hearing the alarm
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of parents would smoke and the health danger impacting their kids. curing to a cardiovascular risk study those exposed to smoking have a higher risk of developing heart disease in adulthood. those who grew up with one or more spokeers in the house were twice as likely to have hardened arteries as adults a direct link to heart attack or stroke. >> several bay area buildings are program meting -- promoting the healthiest in the state include are marin topping the list as the most healthy in all of california. napa was up two spots to 13 and the first time sonoma county was in the top ten at number 8. researcher says teen birth rates and adult obesity were down as was violent crime. researchers say sonoma saw a big
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spike in the rate of exercise, much higher than the state average. >> "the bachelor," may have wrapped up but that is not helping the host help a love. a man named scotty is holding a sign "will you marry me," and issue add call to his girlfriend saying, could you please answer this very important question. that has the intent buzzing and 15 hours later fans got the answer when this follow-up picture of the couple was posted "she said yes." congratulations. well played they be deem each other unfor it turnty. beam me up scotty.
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>> now the weather. we will start with live doppler hd unlimited visibility until you get to son section of the santa clara valley and haze around half moon bay at six miles visibility and variable winds with high pressure taking control the weather while we were sleeping and you can see calm waters this morning with the light and variable winds and the ferry ride is unever vicinitiable and you can seat lack of cloud cover with a lot of sunshine coming our way and the warm air isy the neighborhood and record highs tomorrow and friday and we will round out the month warmer than average but dry in the march miracle everyone hoped for will never materialize. mid-to-upper accident in the south bay and santa cruz sunshine and 74 and san jose at 76 and gilroy is at 80 the warm spot low-to-mid 70s and palo alto at 73 and the breezes keep
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you in the low-to-mid 60 along the coast and upper 60 to 70 downtown and mid-60 at bodega bay and mid-to-upper 70's inland with santa rosa at napa at 77. richmond at 70. union city and castro valley and fremont at 74. inland we have 76 at concord and san ramon and pleasanton and nearly 80 in antioch. a summer-like pattern with marine layers rolling in to most neighbors and we are mild upper 40s inland. year's weak disturbance is moving through high pressure rolling in and the sinking air and dry air we will be brighter and the heat pump will bring the surge of warm air up and 70 at the coast tomorrow and low-to-mid 80's for the rest of us and the breeze reverses on friday. 60s at the coast 70s across the board away from the coast on
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saturday the cool of the day and we will see mid-60s to mid-70s to nearly 80 for the cost bay and inland. >> it will take you 18 minutes to get across from the toll plaza to san francisco is we have a wait if you need to make time in the schedule, do it. grab the coffee. we have several problems across the bay area you whiching an accident here and there and they have turned interest something much bigger than first reported. in fremont we have a multiple vehicle crash southbound 880 we have middle lanes blocked leading to heavy backups around from 1238 out of the hayward and when highway 4 four car crash with one lane blocked. behind that, a stalled vehicle and delays leaving pittsburg on the brakes solidly but it clears up along 680. >> americans on board the plane
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that crashed in the french alps. >> the new information just into the newsroom and what investigators have ruled out as a possible cause. >> first, a picture of the golden gate bridge and weather and traffic during the entire commercial break.
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>> good morning. the sun is about to rise. it will a gorgeous day. look east, can you see it looks nice already. we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco about the temperatures. >> the effort to have california go green at the grocery store could be expanding the waistline. a harvard university study said those would bring their own shopping bags to the store or more likely to buy junk food. they make more indiligent purchases on ice cream and candy and chips. when people hit a moral high point like doing something good for the environment they are less likely to worry about other things. palo alto high school has something to celebrate this morning voted the best private high school in america. the ranking is according to the best academic journal which is for gulfs excelling at 5 o'clock democrattics -- at 5 o'clock
6:25 am
academics with a consistent a+ grade point average. and the student ratio is 8-1. >> we hear about these all the time in the news, congratulations to the school. stay tuned. >> a man hundred expands -- manhunt expands for an inmate on the run. >> a new twist in the case of a vallejo woman kidnapped for ransom. cooler this morning. look at our temperatures this afternoon: five to nine degrees warmer-than-average and the heat is near record levels in the seven-day forecast. in the traffic center, the san mateo bridge shows traffic
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building westbound to the peninsula. eastbound, you are going to find a stalled tractor trailer partly blocking a lane with a handful of problems cross the bay area.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. at 6:29 on wednesday. a look from the roof checking out the embarcadero and a gorgeous day. it will be good. glad you are with us. i am kristen sze. >> i am leyla gulen. watching traffic it will warm up. >> you can see the dark give way to the light. >> an old george carlin joke. you can see the live doppler hd showing unlimited visibility and high pressure bringing a sinking and dry air. look how calm the bay water is and the winds are variable. 12 hour day planner mid-60s to accident in the lunch time temperature and a few high clouds and breezy at the coast and in the low-to-mid 60 and the rest of us are in the 70s, we
6:30 am
will hold on to 70 at 7:00 with upper 60s. take the sunglasses. it will be a great day. >> and your patience? >> make your patience. do not waste time heading out because we have plenty of traffic. 101 is manageable. this is san jose. everything from road closing in san jose. and accidents in other parts of the bay area including highway 4, gumming up the commute. :30. -- 6:30. officers are holding a procession to honor a fallen comrade, officer michael johnson was killed by a suspect in an ambush and this morning the suspect is dead. >> police officers are turning
6:31 am
away the traffic at tully road. officers are checking the i.d. for people with want to come back to the neighborhood residents evacuated last night when the shooting happened and when mess surrounded the apartment. they found the suspect dead on his balcony. they are only allowing residents in the area to get what they need and head to work. the area is still a crime scene. they are directing other people away from the area. the procession helped last hour. police cars lined up along senter road with the body the fallen officer and the coroner were allowed out out of the area. a tweet was sent out by the san jose police department: rest in peace our fallen where michael
6:32 am
johnson, number 3718. it includes his picture. this is an emotional day for police officers all over the bay area. condole ins have been pouring in. they will be throughout the morning. as officers mourn the loss of officer johnson we are learning more about what led up to his death. amy hollyfield continues our coverage. we interviewed a broken up miss chief addressing all of the officers who were working and tell them they had lost one of their own. we are told there were a last tears and it has been difficult. here is a picture of officer michael johnson investigators say he was fired at without warning while responding to a call. he was killed. he is the second officer to be killed in the line of duty from his cadet class. the chief said they will watch officers from that class closely
6:33 am
as they grieve. >> it is unfortunate for any officer to lose their life whether in that class or any class but something we are aware of and something we need to address at some point...and understand what we can do especially with the officers in that academy class. it is person to do that. >> police believe 57-year-old scott dunham shot and killed officer johnson they got a call from a woman to check on him. he was described as drunk and despondent. police arrived at his apartment building last night and were shot at. they returned fire. at 3:20 a robot camera was into the apartment and dunham was found dead on the balcony. investigators are looking into
6:34 am
how he died. as well as what led up to the death. the chaplain has reached out to officer johnson's family and wife. his wife is not in the area but arrangements are being made to get her back to san jose. san jose mayor liccardo is dealing with johnson's death a few months after taking over as the city's leader called the death san jose's darkest hour with condolents to his family adding he is grateful for all officers nor putting their live on the line. >> they know each day they put on a badge and uniform they take extraordinary risk. we are grateful they are willing to take those risks. we mourn the loss of an officer who stayed the full miles an measure. >> con dole ensures are posted
6:35 am
on social media with a badge with a black bar in memory of a fallen brother. we have the condolences at >> we have posted the video from the news conference on our website and will bring you updates and online and twitter@abc7newsbayarea. developing news in the friend alps where airline officials say two americans were on the germanwings flight that crashed. all 150 including two babies and 16 high school students were presumed dead. family members are expected to visit the crash site this morning. a black box has been recovered. the germanwings airbus a320 took off from barcelona after 10:00 yesterday on a two hour might to dusseldorf and just reached cruising altitude. highjacking or terrorism is
6:36 am
unlikely. >> an inmate would escaped from jail has expanded beyond the city. this is the man, alexander santiago-gonzalez escaping while on trash detail. he was beingers courted by a sheriff deputy when he slipped away. he was arrested in santa cruz county in may and considered "dangerous," but in a security level that let him go to unsecured areas. >> it is classified this way. the investigation will determine more information. >> this is the second time in ten months a prisoner escaped from jail. an inmate took out the trash and he ran and he was later captured at a homeless shelter. >> the biggest game golden
6:37 am
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we are back at 6:40. the clouds are hanging around san jose. tree pollen oak and sycamore, high levels and weed and grass are low. this is mt. diablo with sunshine about to break out and five to nine degrees warmer-than-average around the state, sunshine and 65 in monterey and up to 80 in the central valley. 61 in lake. los angeles is 83. palm springs is 93 and san diego is 76 plenty of sunshine. leyla? >> traffic is not great. accidents all over the place. certainly it is a mess through concord. we have a four car crash the tow is not on the scene. westbound highway 4 four cars and are in the middle chain and
6:41 am
a stalled van is backing the middle lane and bay point the drive is stacked away from 14th and 17 miles per hour is the top sped low from antioch from 160 into concord and the drive will take you 35 minutes. paying bills in the fling of an eye the silicon valley invention that can make that chore easier. >> are you tires of gas polices changing? you are not alone. research will find out what is behind the ups and downs at the pump. >> first stay in the know with abc7 looking at the san mateo bridge westbound tail lights are busy with traffic and weather for
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covering novato, oakland sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it has been two days since anyone has seen a 29-year-old bay area physical therapist. >> police continue to investigate the disappearance of denise huskins as a kidnap and ransom case. we are in the newsroom with details. the allege kidnapping and ransom demand for 49-year-old denise huskins has attracted national attention and the
6:45 am
police are receiving help from the f.b.i. last night boats scanned an area near highway 37 bridge after a submerged we human sized mass was indicated by k-9. investigators say the ground search has been called off. the therapist was recorded missing at 2:00 president on monday when her boyfriend and co-worker, 30-year-old, called police. he told them an intruder broke into the home and abducted huskins in the morning and indicated the kidnapper demand ransom for the return. yesterday, police would not explain the long time-lapse between when he said she was taken and when he reported husband kin -- reported denise huskins missing. >> the father wants to see her returned. >> she did not let someone take her. i know that. she would have put up a fight. >> police recovered her camry
6:46 am
some distance from the home and have the gays believe the vehicle was involved in the kidnapping and her father said her daughter was happy and in love. police say they have no suspects now business. a big boost keeping the who going in berkeley. >> pace book announcing new programs. jane king has those stories. good morning, we have a blockbuster deal in the food industry this morning: kraft and heinz are merging and warren buffett putting $10 million into the company at 32 percent. this 8 create the 5th largest food and beverage company but the markets are unpressure and the dow is down 64 and s&p 500 trading in the bread. california has the most wealthy residents of any state and when
6:47 am
i say wealthy i mean wealthy 30 million or more with 13,000 people worth that or more and new york was second and texas was third. new york had the most rich people and then san francisco is second. berkeley is the most work worker class diversity meaning that it has the wherest mix of people in all kinds of jobs, private, public nonprofit, and self employed. that can keep the economy humming. google has a project to let people pay mails through gmail receiving the bill in the inbox and pay it without going to the company website and will be unveiled later this year. facebook aounceing a new program called "on this day," lacking back at posts and photos you have share on facebook and only you can see it. facebook conference is underway today with facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg speaking
6:48 am
announcing initiatives on the internet of things and the messaging service. state lawmakers calling on regulators do do more to stop the wild swings in gas price hearing testimony on the fluctuations. officials say prices surge 25 cents a gallon last month after an explosion stopped gas production at an exxonmobil refinery. tesoro oil refinery in martinez was off line because of a labor dispute. the average statewide price for regular gas in california is $3.27 compared to $2.46 for the national average. we always pay more. >> always. >> we are happening about the weather. >> good morning, everyone we
6:49 am
will look at live doppler hd with a few clouds. otherwise, it is dry. light and variable winds. the ferry will be quiet. the california office of emergency services will test the tsunami warning communication at 10:15 this morning on the coast of central and southern california. if you hear that, that is what is going on. 44 at woodside and palo alto 48 and low-to-mid 50s for the rest of the peninsula. oakland at 49 and same in los gatos and livermore and mill valley and san ramon and 47 along with fairfield. napa is a cool spot at 43. the east bay hills and valleys are coming into focus when the sun is over mt. diablo and ten minutes after 7:00 it is on with warm temperatures everywhere today but for the coast you will be cooler because it is breezy
6:50 am
this afternoon. record highs thursday and friday and the end of the more we are warm and dry. mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay and gilroy is 79 and san jose is 76 and low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula and 72 in san mateo and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and sausalito is upper 60s to 70 degrees and mid-60 from bodega bay and mid-to-upper 70s inland. fremont at 74 behind oakland and union city at 73 and mid-70s to nearly 80 degrees. the next couple of nights we will have the marine layer of clouds in the usual spot but upper 40s to my 50s and this area of high pressure is going to take away the cloud cover from yesterday and pump in some warm and dry air starting today and especially toll and to a
6:51 am
lesser extent on friday with the breeze developing hitting the inland areas by saturday. you will be used to mid-60s and along the coast and mid-70s around the bay and 80 inland next week. >> one problem after another this morning. i have word of a car and a pedestrian at the intersection right here in crockett east of i-80. we will keep our eye on this. in san jose we have been telling you about the material incident last night a fallen officer in san jose with a procession taking place at senter road and closing roads in the area. watch out for that. you are told to avoid the area until you live this. berkeley drive along i-80 is slow and from the hoffman split to the maze that is how long it will take you from i-80, 23 minutes and picking up along the
6:52 am
bay bridge and 101 is still clear from san francisco to sfo and finally a bicyclist hit here near the raceway with more details to come. the nfl has started unveiling plans for a golden year long celebration culminating with super bowl 50 at levi stadium with a gold colored football sent to the while of every player or head coach would played in the previous 49 super bowls. some players will return to present the ball in person at their alma mater. the 50 yard line is marked with golden numbers have a gold plated created by tiffany's. >> a glorious sunrise and sun is coting up in the east with more
6:53 am
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here are seven things to know before you go: one, breaking news. san jose police officers are leading a procession to honor their fallen comrade escorting the body of officer mychael johnson away from the scene where he was killed in an ambush. the 14-year veteran shot by a suspect in east san jose and the
6:55 am
police tweeted this photo of officer johnson saying "rest in peace fallen brother." >> the suspect in officer johnson's degree was found dead on an apartment balcony before 3:30 this morning. authorities say the 57-year-old scott dunham opened fire on officers as they responded to a family member calling about himening intoxicated. divers are back if the water to search for vallejo therapist reported kidnapped for ransom. denise huskins disappeared from mare island on monday. the boyfriend said she was taken from the home but did not report her missing until hours later. airline officials say two americans were on the germanwings night that crashed yesterday. a black box has been recovered damaged and so far, no sign that foul play brought down the airbus a320 with 150 people. for the first time in 39 years the warriors are division
6:56 am
champions locking up the crown winning in portland last night. they will try to move closer to claiming the number one seed in the west friday night. >> sky is on fire, check owe -- out this beautiful picture from the roof camera with temperatures on fire too. 73 to 80 inland and the coast cooler and breezy at up to 64 and around the bay, 68 to 76. >> a if you accident south of this 288, passing beyond 17 and a new spin out blocking the lanes, 18 minutes intoñçç cupertino and we have an ambulance head headed out to the point because of a bicyclist being hit so expect delays. >> we see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers out west. two americans among those killed on that deadly plane crash in the al. s and our first look at the badly damaged black box this morning. emergency crews combing through a scene of absolute devastation anguished families mourning the 150 passengers on board including 16 children from one what happened to that jet. also happening right now -- severe storms across the country. golf ball-size hail pummeling the midwest. powerful winds out west tracking town trees. this man trapped in his car. firefighters using the jaws of life to free him. beverly hills blacked out and more states bracing for extreme weather right now. and breaking right now, decision day. amanda knox's fate in the balance once again. italy's highest court ruling on her murder trial facing nearly three decades be


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